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How Exion RF Microneedling Works

EXION RF Microneedling is now considered the newest and most advanced form of radiofrequency microneedling. This Microneedling RF technique delivers groundbreaking results. EXION microneedling combines traditional monopolar radiofrequency (RF) energy and combines it with innovative AI or artificial intelligence to achieve precise energy delivery. By combining monopolar RF and AI-controlled energy, EXION’s built-in extended mode creates a thermal gradient below the needles. This treatment reaches deeper than any other microneedling device, up to 8mm depth, without full needle insertion. You achieve maximum results, a more comfortable experience, and a personalized treatment that helps improve your skin texture often without the usual discomfort of deep tissue treatments.

Mechanism Of Action of Exion RF Microneedling

Benefits of Exion RF Microneedling in Kalispell, Montana

Results of Exion RF Microneedling

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